Prize Money

2017 Hawai'i Star Ball

Total Prizes and Awards Value: $77,750.00


Hawai'i Star Ball Top Student awards are based on both entries and placements. Each entry, whether for single dance, multi-dance challenge or scholarship event will receive a single entry point. Teachers and Students must be on a package to qualify for Top Awards. Placement points will be awarded according to the following schedule:

1-2 Dance events:

1st= 8pts 2nd=7pts 3rd=6pts 4th=5pts 5th=4pts 6th=3pts 7th=2pts 8th=1pt plus 4pts/recall

3-5 Dance events:

1st=20pts 2nd=15pts 3rd=10pts 4th=8pts 5th=6pts 6th=4pts 7th=2pts 8th=2pts plus 5pts/recall


The 2017 Hawai'i Star Ball will award the following Top Student awards:

  • Top Newcomer Lady/Gent
  • Top Bronze Lady/Gent
  • Top Silver Lady/Gent
  • Top Gold & Above Lady/Gent
  • Top Amateur Couple
  • Top Solo Grand Prix Winner
  • World Dancesport Series Top 20 Overall Students (receive vouchers)