Prize Money

2017 Hawai'i Star Ball

Total Prizes and Awards Value: $77,750.00

Total Value - $22,400.00

Hawai'i Star Ball Top Teacher, Top Students and Top Studio awards are based on both entries and placements. Each entry, whether for single dance, multi-dance challenge or scholarship event will receive a single entry point. Placement points will be awarded according to the following schedule:

1-2 Dance events:

1st= 8pts 2nd=7pts 3rd=6pts 4th=5pts 5th=4pts 6th=3pts 7th=2pts 8th=1pt plus 4pts/recall

3-5 Dance events:

1st=20pts 2nd=15pts 3rd=10pts 4th=8pts 5th=6pts 6th=4pts 7th=2pts 8th=2pts plus 5pts/recall

Proficiency Entries: 1 pt per entry. There are no additional points for placements.

Cash Awards
[Value: $22400.00]
  • 1st Place (minimum 350 pro/am entries): $8,000*
  • 2nd Place (minimum 300 pro/am entries): $6,000*
  • 3rd Place (minimum 250 pro/am entries): $2,500*
  • 4th Place (minimum 200 pro/am entries): $2,000
  • 5th Place (minimum 150 pro/am entries): $1,500
  • 6th Place (minimum 100 pro/am entries): $1,000
  • 7th Place (minimum 50 pro/am entries): $500
  • 8th Place (minimum 50 pro/am entries): $400
  • 9th Place (minimum 50 pro/am entries): $300
  • 10th Place (minimum 50 pro/am entries): $200

Only points accumulated during Pro/Am events will count towards Top Teacher prize. The teacher will only receive points for entries actually danced with the student. 10 Places will be awarded; however only the amount of money qualified for will be given out. For example if the 1st place Top Teacher has only 300 pro/am entries, he or she will receive $6,000, not $8,000. In the same scenario, if the 2nd place Top Teacher also has 300 pro/am entries, he or she will also earn $6,000. If all minimum pro/am entries are met, then the prize money will be awarded by placement as determined by points earned. If there are not 10 qualified Top Teacher candidates, then fewer places will be awarded.

*Teacher AND Students must be on a Big Kahuna, VIP, or Package A to qualify for the award money for top 3 placements of the Top Teacher Awards regardless of number of entries.